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Rich Taylor

Rich Taylor is a quiet person and many times others don’t even know he is at the office unless they meet him in the hall.  He is almost glued to his computer because of his fascination with what can be produced through a few key strokes. As CHEER’s graphic artist, Rich is the person responsible for all the promotional print materials used to market the agency. His artistic talents and technological know-how produce dozens of fliers, brochures, newsletters, posters and photos every year that promote CHEER’s events and services.

During the COVID pandemic, Rich has done most of his work from home.  He likes that set-up because he says he can work at midnight if the artistic bug hits him then. It has also given him more opportunities to update the agency’s website.

On September 10, Rich celebrates 23 years with CHEER after retiring from the Philadelphia City Fire Department and moving to Millsboro in 1997 with his wife Harriet. Rich’s dry sense of humor always brings a ray of sunshine into the office no matter how grumpy he pretends to be in the mornings. Thanks Rich for being our artistic hero.