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A Message From Rep. Ruth Briggs King

April 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

These are certainly difficult and challenging times.  And, during these times we rely more than ever on the services of the CHEER Center to assist you and our community.  I want you to know that the CHEER team, which includes the caring staff and awesome volunteers, is committed to doing the best they can do to continue to help you. 

In times of plenty and in times of want, the CHEER organization has worked through difficult situations to keep you informed, as well.  While the circumstances may change, the desire and goal to provide for the seniors in our community has not.

I want to share some “good news.” The federal economic stimulus package - the CARES Act - was recently signed into law by President Trump. This means each adult, YOU, will receive $1,200 from the federal government - even those adults who receive Social Security income. It doesn’t matter if you have earned or unearned income, adults will receive this stipend.

I will continue to work behind the scenes to provide for your needs and safety. More importantly, I will work with your Sussex County CHEER so that they can work for you.  I am encouraging you to be extra careful with those trying to “scam” you or take advantage of our current crisis.  If you have questions or needs, rely on those folks you know to give you good information.

In closing, we will overcome this virus and once again be a healthy community.  I pray you will stay well and stay safe.  If you need assistance, the state helpline for COVID-19 is 1-866-408-1899.



State Rep. Ruth Briggs King
37th District