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What is a Memory Café?

Memory Café at CHEER is an informal social gathering for memory and cognitively impaired individuals and their caregivers. The Café is an “open house” model with independent activities for those seeing fellowship, information, and resources. Attendees at the Memory Café are those experiencing mild memory loss, cognitive impairment or early stage dementia and caregivers (family or friends) of those affected. Memory Café at CHEER meets at CHEER Activity Centers throughout Sussex County based on the need 0f those in the community. Attendees are not asked their diagnosis (if they have one) but are asked about things that bring joy into their life and things that stimulate brain activity toward memories of their life. They are encouraged to socialize and have fun!

              Memory Cafes are designed to be welcoming and accepting environments. They engage attendees in a wide variety of programs and must be flexible so as to support people from different life experiences and at different stages of progression of memory impairment.

Please be aware that this Memory Café is not only for people who are diagnosed  with memory impairment, those who are faced with “memory glitches” are also welcomed.

 What a Memory Café Isn’t!

A Memory Café isn't a drop-off respite program as the intention is to have both the “mature adult” and caregiver in attendance. Nor is a Memory Café a structured support group. Note that Memory Café’s are not medical in any way nor are they intended to be.

What are the Benefits of Memory Cafés?

* Memory Cafés aid in prevention of social isolation by bringing together people for a fun time.

* For those experiencing memory impairment, they can see that fun and good times still occur, making the reality of diagnosis less traumatic.

* New friendships are formed that extend beyond the hours of the Memory Café.

* Caregivers are given the chance to have fun with the “mature adult”.

* Caregivers can learn care techniques which assist with their caregiver role.

* Memory Café’s involve creative arts and music which often stimulate happy memories.

Where can you attend a Memory Café?

Long Neck CHEER Center                      Georgetown CHEER Center

(Every Tuesday beginning 4/11)                                    (Every Tuesday beginning 4/11/17)

Tuesday April 11th @ 1:30pm                 Tuesday April 11th @9:30am

Tuesday April 18th @ 1:30pm                 Tuesday April 18th @9”30am

Tuesday April 25th @ 1:30pm                 Tuesday April 18th @9:30am                                    


Milton CHEER Center                           Greenwood CHEER Center

(Every Thursday beginning 4/13)                                   (every Thursday beginning 4/13)

Thursday April 13th @ 9:30am                Thursday April 13th @ 1:30pm

Thursday April 20th @ 9:30am                Thursday April 20th @ 1:30pm

Thursday April 27th @ 9:30am                Thursday April 27th @1:30pm  


If you are interested in attending a Memory Café, please contact location directly. Phone numbers listed below

Long Neck : 302-945-3551

Georgetown : 302-515-3040

Greenwood : 302-349-5237

Milton : 302-684-4819





Thursday, March 30, 2017