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Essential Grocery Shopping


1. Eligibility

a. The CHEER Essential Grocery Shopping Program is available to CHEER service customers.

b. New CHEER customers may be authorized for CHEER services during this COVID-19 pandemic period by funding

organizations that routinely authorize the purchase of service(s) by CHEER.

c. Food commodities for personal consumption within the household, small quantities of domestic pet food, personal hygiene

and household cleaning supplies are eligible for purchase. Alcohol and tobacco products and prescription medications will not

be purchased or delivered through this program.

d. CHEER will seek to purchase eligible requested items, but does not guarantee that the customer’s requested items or

specific brand name products can / will be purchased. CHEER reserves the right to purchase comparable commodities

regardless of brand name..

e. CHEER will endeavor to purchase quality items at the best price / value for the customer. The customer agrees to accept

and pay the purchase price for all items ordered.

f. Food and related supplies will only be purchased at CHEER pre-approved local grocery stores. Customer requests from

alternate stores cannot be accommodated.

2. Customer Access

a. Customers desiring to participate in this service may contact Ms. Nancy Elliott of CHEER by calling (302) 515-3040 or

e-mailing [email protected] to:

i. Obtain program information

ii. Place an order for groceries and household health and cleaning supplies

b. Customer orders must be placed at least 2 business days and not more than 5 business days before the scheduled

delivery day. (See scheduled delivery days below.)

c. Groceries must be paid for in full at the time of delivery.

d. Customers must be at their residence to receive delivery on the scheduled day of delivery. Alternative deliveries will not be


e. If ordered and purchased items are not paid for at the time of delivery, or if the ordering customer is not present at home to

receive the delivery, the customer’s access to this program may be suspended.

3. Service Delivery

a. Scheduled Service Delivery Days in local geographic areas in Sussex County are as follows:


Georgetown Tuesday & Wednesday

Greenwood Monday & Tuesday

Lewes Thursday & Friday

Long Neck Wednesday & Friday

Milton Tuesday & Thursday

Ocean View Monday & Thursday

Roxana Monday & Wednesday

Bridgeville Wednesday & Friday

Laurel Tuesday & Thursday

b. Delivery at the customer’s home will normally occur between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

c. To the extent possible, all items will be delivered in plastic bags and will be delivered to the door of the residence. CHEER

delivery personnel are not generally permitted to enter the customer’s home. Exceptions will be made for those individuals

who by reason of disability are not able to receive their delivery at the outside of the door. In those cases, the items will be

placed on the first available table or shelf inside of the door.

4. Customer Ordering and Payment

a. Customer orders are made through the use of CHEER’s pre-printed order form (copy attached).

b. Orders may be placed by customers by e-mailing a copy of the customer completed order form or by calling in their order and the CHEER call taker will complete an order form for the customer.

c. If requested by the customer, the customer may be provided a copy of the grocery receipt after the fact. A copy of the receipt will be provided via mail.

d. Payment in full will need to be made by the customer at the time the order is delivered. Payment must be made in the form of cash, a check drawn on a local bank made payable to “CHEER” or the individual may call CHEER and be connected to a Finance member who may accept credit / debit card information to process a payment.