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Dawn Tomeski, LPN

Dawn Tomeski has only been with CHEER for a year, but she has become a valuable asset to the Sand Hill Adult Day Program in a short amount of time. In that program, she oversees all medications of clients coming to the adult day program as well as ensuring their wellbeing while attending the center. Dawn has over 30 years of professional nursing experience acquired at Beebe Medical Center as well as being an office nurse for doctors.

When the Day Care Center was closed because of COVID-19, Dawn was transferred across town to the CHEER administrative offices in the Adams Social Services Building in Georgetown. There she takes and records the tempuratures of everyone entering the senior center and assists in the Human Resources Department. Dawn also helps deliver Meals On Wheels meals to local seniors and has often been found prepping food in the main kitchen.

Dawn is another examle of CHEER's many employees who are willing to pitch in wherever needed to help keep Sussex County's seniors safe in their homes during these pandemic times.