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CHEER Foundation

CHEER Foundation

The CHEER Foundation, a nonprofit tax exempt corporation, was organized to help support essential programs and activities of CHEER, Inc. for people CHEER serves now and into the future. In addition to soliciting and receiving funds and other gifts on behalf of CHEER, Inc., the Foundation assists donors in realizing the maximum tax benefits from their gifts, thereby helping to ensure the donor’s immediate and long-range goals are met.

In order to securely manage monies and maximize returns, CHEER has partnered with the Delaware Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in the management of charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses and organizations and distributes income from the funds to humanitarian, educational, health, and cultural entities throughout Delaware. For more information about the Delaware Community Foundation, visit their website:

Today, one in four Delawareans is age 50 or older. Over the next two decades, the U.S. Census Bureau projects tens of thousands of seniors will retire in Sussex County. With your help, our mission “To promote and maintain the highest quality of life and independence by developing and providing services that meet the continuing needs of senior citizens 50 and over,” will be met.

We invite you to review some of the ways you can help support our community through various forms of giving to the CHEER Foundation. With planning, you can maximize the size of your gift and its benefit to the community. Which assets should you give? When should you give them? What types of gift arrangements are most beneficial for you and your family? The specialists at the CHEER Foundation can help you and your advisor answer these questions. To discuss making a gift to the CHEER Foundation, call Ken Moore at (302) 515-3065 or email him at kmoore